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by Marko Milosevic

One tool won't solve all your problems

There is a saying “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. In software development, there are a lot of similar situations if you have developers using only X technology. They will try to solve everything using X tech and test the limits of the X technology and by doing so, lose time and money.


Using an appropriate tech stack can speed up projects, ensure that projects are finished and guarantee that every feature can be implemented without issues. And it's important to have a tech person that knows about technologies and use cases. It can save a lot of time. Sometimes tech stacks overlap with use cases and it doesn’t matter which one you choose. Then you choose the one that is most familiar to the team. 


Examples of poor choice of tools and technologies


• Using Hybrid mobile technology to speed up development in the beginning, but not being able to implement complex video editing features or having performance issues in later stages of development.


• Using a big enterprise framework for small projects. And possibly doubling development time by creating lots of boilerplate code and configuration files. 


• Using a small and lite framework for big enterprise projects and missing architecture and libs to support big domain logic and huge codebase. 


• Choosing a bleeding-edge brand new tool that is in the alpha or beta stage of development on the project can cause lots of problems (language, framework, library, etc).


Choose the right tool


An engineer is someone who is language agnostic.  Engineers see languages and frameworks as tools to finish some jobs in the most optimal way. A good engineer will try to perceive the project or system as a whole, and to plan the project from start to finish using the chosen tech stack and tools. 


Choosing the right tool for the job is one of the most important things in software development. It will ensure that projects can be finished as quickly as possible. One tool can get you maybe only half the way…